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  1. APT Architect, did you ever recover your library? I lost mine for some reason. Didn't know if there was an easy way to recover it without downloading it again Heather Anderson CadPro Design Services
  2. Josh and Eric, Thank you I just got back to this. I didn't put quotes in that's why I couldn't get the right answer. I did, and now it is reset. Thank you both!
  3. Can you help me I am having the same problem. How do I reset side windows to factory setting? Thank you
  4. OMG that worked! Thank you so much I wasted 2 hours trying to figure it out.
  5. Sorry, how do I rename the toolbar folder?
  6. I had to reenter my product key on my laptop which worked fine but when I got back on Chief my toolbars were all gone. I've tried everything to get them back (View Toolbars) doesn't work. I also went to preferences- reset options- there is no Reset Toolbar in my list. Any suggestions.
  7. OMG, I got it I was picking Fir under wood not under framing Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm sorry, I guess I'm being stupid. I've done what you said and I still have no deck framing.
  9. I've done that, my structural type is grayed out, could that have anything to do with it? Have you opened my plan?
  10. I can't seem to get my deck framing to generate. I know I've done it before but what I used to do doesn't seem to work anymore. Any Suggestions? SOTTEK.zip PS I am so frustrated about this I have wasted so much time on this!!!!
  11. Using version X6 I have spent too much time trying to figure this out, I know that I've done this on earlier versions. Cabinet doors on both sides between two rooms. Can anyone HELP THANKS
  12. I'm sorry, maybe I need a break. Not knowing what you mean, where do I find "main layer only" to turn it off.
  13. Chief X6 user. I know there is a simple answer for this question. I have all of a sudden noticed my wall layers are only showing the main wall lines in Plan View. Does anyone know how to get them to show up again. Thanks!
  14. This is a manual bay, is it impossible with a manual bay. I also cant seem to get windows into corners on a 90 degree walls I am including a plan. Thanks