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  1. Ok I figured it out, in the wall settings when I adjusted the interior wall drywall thickness, I removed the spacing between the frame and the drywall so chief was thinking that the wall was all one unit instead of frame with drywall on both sides..! Appreciate your time and help trying to fix it, ty!
  2. No I delete the dimensions make the changes and then redo them. If I make a new basic plan with a few wall etc. and do it with dimension settings as they should be it works fine, It must be something unique I have turned on/off in this plan file...
  3. Thanks for the response. I feel like I have tried every combination of tick boxes... My settings are attached.
  4. Hi All Can someone explain how I get chief to locate internal wall framing for interior walls using auto exterior dimensions? I am going round in circles through the default settings trying to figure it out, please see the attached picture. You can see when I use auto exterior dimensions it locates the framing on the exterior walls and shows them as 90mm but when it comes to the interior walls its locating the wall lining and listing them as 110mm, I want it to show framing size so all walls should be 90mm. Any help, greatly appreciated. I'm using X14.
  5. Thank-you for doing that but it still doesn't change the font size. However I just figured out how to change it, if I go into my site plan and select the terrain perimeter. Which is using the plot plan text style, then go into define, click edit and change the character height int the plot plan text style it changes the size in the Auto Story Pole...even though my Auto Story Pole is saying it using the 1:50 Text Style.....how in the heck does that work.
  6. I switch through all the available text styles and it doesn't change the text size in the cross section. Whether I choose 1:25 or Plot plan text style the font size on the cross section stays the same..
  7. Thanks for the reply that changes the dimension number size but not the text size. How to I get the font back to a normal size, I had it properly and somehow somewhere I have done something to a setting that has changed it.
  8. Can someone please tell me where the Auto Story Pole text size is controlled from, not the dimensions size but the actual text. TIA for any help.
  9. Yes the base is level I still was hoping to put footings into it and then have the retaining wall as a separate layout for design page. but may have to do it separate. I will try making the straight section into a symbol and rotating it and see what happens, nothing bad I'm sure.
  10. Here Is what I am working with, I just need to get those post's to lean back into the terrain on that -6 deg
  11. I would like the posts as individual items that I can resize as required to suit the slope of the terrain.
  12. Yes that works great, is there now a way to turn that square post into a round one?
  13. Ok I am almost there. I now have a square post on the right angle (-6 deg) is there a way to now convert that square post into a round post? Selecting the top of the post in the working plan doesn't allow break line tools to be used once its a polyline solid. The other thing is I would like to create the post's as individual items in the library as the retaining wall changes heights over its length so being able to individually size the posts to suit the terrain is helpful. Thanks for the great replies so far
  14. Is there a way to angle the polyline solid to -6 deg?
  15. 3D I want to build the wall in 3D place it in the terrain properly like a normal retaining wall, but on a -6 deg angle.