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  1. Joshua:


    I'd be happy to help you clear you backlog of projects. I have many years of experience with Chief and am currently working with X-12 but I have earlier versions also. You can see samples of my work at


    If you'd like to talk more, please call me direct at 585-441-5291 or send me am email


    Eric Pedersen

    ep visualz Architectural Rendering

    2960 East Ave.jpg

    Living Room-Modern 02 -RTa.jpg

  2. HI Anita:


    I have many years of experience with rendering and am currently using X-12, I am available to work remotely. You can see samples on my website or on houzz .


    You can reach me by phone at 585-441-5291 or email at


    Eric Pedersen

    ep visualz


    Bedroom-Modern 3 RT.JPG

  3. Rochester, NY based rendering company available for remote work. I am a long time Chief user (currently on X-12 but equipped with earlier versions also) and have worked for many commercial clients and residential clients across the country. You can view samples of my work on my website .


    Please contact me directly at 585-441-5291 or by email: .




  4. On 1/22/2019 at 6:03 PM, Scottb said:

    Need some Rendering advise.  I hate how its so dark and lights are spotty on ceiling and weird light reflection on floor.  I added a bunch of extra lights, but doesn't seem like it does anything.  

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    1-22 kitchen.jpg

    The first thing you should do is set the height of your added lights to 60 inches +-, that should get rid of the pronounced light wash on the ceiling. To make the scene brighter, try switching on Photon Mapping (in the Advanced tab). If you go this route, be sure that you have a roof over the room you are rendering to avoid light leakage where the walls meet the ceiling. Another important factor is learning the functions of the Ambient Light settings (Lighting tab), I like to use Ambient Occlusion  settings of .5 - 3.5 as a starting point. The rest is just experimenting to learn the functions of the settings. There are several excellent videos on the Chief website which you should watch

    Once you start to understand the many settings in the Ray Trace DBX, you'll be able to create great looking renderings.



  5. 6 minutes ago, Renerabbitt said:


    Michael was right, I should stop giving advice from memory, I meant that I usually use a spline terrain wall with a terrain break. The terrain retaining wall can be difficult in tight spaces-


    The terrain wall isn't necessary but from my own experience everything seems to workout better when I have it in place, even if I set it to invisible, not sure that makes sense from a program language stand-point...maybe its just my feel good method.


    Your terrain looks better that mine (at least from the angle you showed), I'd appreciate if you could send your changes.

  6. 1 hour ago, Renerabbitt said:

    When I want clean sharp drop-offs I use terrain breaks with retaining walls, even if the walls have a grass material applied and are only 1/16" inch thick. Remember to avoid crossing elevation data, as in, avoid crossing an elevation line over an elevation region with conflicting data...think of terrain as molding a piece of clay, everything needs suggested transitions, you can't force it.

    Thanks for the tip on retaining walls, that made a difference. I still can't get the terrain elevation to mathc the patio perfectly but with the camera angle I'm using, you can't tell.

    Duhamel Patio-Sunken Patio 03.jpg

  7. I am trying to create a sunken patio in sloping terrain. The problem I am having is getting a smooth drop in the grade of the lot without distorting the patio which needs to remain flat. The attached sample file shows what I am trying to achieve with the grey circle representing the area where he patio will be. I tried to subtract this area from the terrain perimeter but found that I cannot subtract and object from terrain like I can with a polyline solid. I've been back and fourth with tech support but so far they have not been able to find a solution.

    Any ideas?

    Sunken Patio in Sloping