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    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    With the exception of a couple of accessory items (towels, clock) everything was done in Chief.
  2. ericepv

    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    Here's a bedroom project I recently finished. While I did bring in a few objects from outside (bed, tv & some of the accessories), everything was modeled and rendered in Chief.
  3. ericepv

    2020 compatibility

    I have an opportunity to collaborate with a kitchen & bath company that is currently working in 2020. Has anyone had experience with file sharing between Chief and 2020?
  4. ericepv

    Advice on giving out ca file?

    I never give out my source files, PDF or JPG only. Some of you have mentioned that you always copyright your drawings, would you be willing to show an example of this?
  5. ericepv

    X7 Inground Pool Symbols

    Thanks for sharing this Joe, it's just what I needed for my current project.
  6. ericepv

    Infinity edge pool

    I'll give that a try.
  7. ericepv

    Infinity edge pool

    My current project calls for an infinity edge pool (aka vanishing edge, zero edge, disappearing edge, etc.). Does anyone have some tips on the best way to draw this?
  8. ericepv

    Getting Sunlight To Show Through Windows...

    Open the dialog box for your camera and make sure that "show shadows" is checked.
  9. I recently downloaded the most recent version of Blender and would like to try rendering some of my Chief files. Does anyone know of a good tutorial that reviews the procedure of setting up the camera, lighting and other settings for creating a great render?
  10. ericepv

    Rendering Chief models in Blender

    I found some great tutorials on YouTube (Blender Guru) and I messed around with it just a bit but I haven't had time to really get into it. Instead, I have been concentrating on improving my Ray Trace techniques in Chief.
  11. ericepv

    X9 360 Panorama

    The video which descries new rendering features for X9 makes reference to the new 360 spherical rendering which can be viewed with "a new Chief Architect 360 viewer". Also mentioned are Google cardboard glasses which can be used to view the images. Does anyone have any more details on how to obtain the CA 360 viewer or the Google cardboard glasses? Eric
  12. ericepv

    X9 360 Panorama

    I have noticed that the clarity of the 360 samples on the Chief website is much better that what I have been able to achieve so far. I just did a test with the Breckenridge plan which I downloaded from Chief and did a Ray Trace. I set it for 2048x1024 @ 300 dpi. I took almost 15 hrs. to do 10 passes (lot's of lighting here) but the end result was disappointing, very blurry. Here's the link: I can try upping the pixel count but that could take all weekend. Can anyone suggest the best settings to use for better resolution? Eric
  13. ericepv

    Automatically generated wall won't go away

    Ah Ha! There was one wall in the Living Room where this box was check, problem solved. Thanks!
  14. While drawing the roof planes for this project, Chief generated another wall that runs across the living room (floor 2) that I have been trying to delete. At the suggestion of tech support, I highlighted the wall and unchecked "No Room Definition" & "No Locate" but that does nothing (the boxes keep rechecking themselves and the wall won't delete). This new wall also is preventing me from selecting the living room & opening the dialog box (but not the other rooms) so that I can correct the floor elevation that was thrown off by the new wall. Ant ideas? Plan is attached. Eric 4000 Woking
  15. ericepv

    Cars and trucks

    And another:
  16. ericepv

    Cars and trucks

    Check out 3D Warehouse, lots of vehicles: Here's a couple more:
  17. ericepv

    Importing DWG topographic map

    Michael: Thanks for the video, that worked great! I now have converted it to a terrain perimeter but it is just a flat lot (should be sloped) even though I brought in the elevation lines (and specified them as such during the import) along with all the other layers. Any idea where I went wrong? Eric
  18. I am having trouble with importing a DWG topo map. I watched Chief's video 1056 (Import a Surveyor DWG file for a Site Plan or Terrain Perimeter) and I followed the instructions for joining all of the perimeter polylines but I still cannot get the entire set to highlight so that I can convert it to a Terrain Perimeter as shown. I have also tried creating my own Perimeter by tracing over the lines in the imported DWG and then placing the imported elevation lines on top of it - no go. I noticed that when I imported the DWG, I got (2) sets, a large one with no elevation lines and a much smaller set (off to the lower left) which does have the elevation lines. The layers of most relevance are: - 4 (elevation lines) - 8 (elevation labels) - 17 (Perimeter) Can anyone can figure out what I'm missing? Eric 4000 WOKING-Topo.dwg
  19. ericepv

    Importing DWG topographic map

    Michael - The file I posted is the original file which was sent to me. I did enclose the perimeter and also connected a few other lines but it still didn't work, I've attached the file here (I should have done this originally). Any thoughts? Eric 4000 Woking Way-Terrain-imported DWG.plan
  20. ericepv

    Tip on creating frosted glass doors

    I'm working on a bath project right now that includes a frosted glass toilet partition. I too created a new material from an image I found on google and am having trouble getting the right look in a ray-trace. What material properties did you use? Eric
  21. ericepv

    X9 360 Panorama

    Electomen - I checked out your site, the 360's look great! Yes, this is defiantly better than using the outside site, I'm going to be adding this to my re-designed site which is in progress right now. Eric
  22. ericepv

    X9 360 Panorama

    Kirk: I found your earlier post and gave it a try. Worked great, thanks! Eric
  23. ericepv

    3d warehouses

    There are quite a few different libraries out there that you can download from, just search for "3D CAD icons" and you'll find a bunch. Start with this link: Eric
  24. ericepv

    X9 360 Panorama

    I've noticed that the 360 panoramic views are only available in ray-trace mode. I think this would be a great feature to offer to my customers in the other modes (vector, technical drawing, line drawing, etc.) without having to take all the time necessary to do a proper ray-trace. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Eric
  25. ericepv

    Time to Show YOUR GOODIES!

    Graham: I should clarify that the rendering was all done in Chief (no post work) but the buildings and cars and people are all models I plucked from my library (the building models were modified in SketchUp). Eric