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  1. Thanks, I have everything backed up and copied to the new computer so I'll see if I can get everything installed. How do I save my profile? it won't let me save in the templates location like older versions used to. In X12 I had to recreate my profile (res. template) but now do I have to do it again? Thanks
  2. I am setting up a new computer and have downloaded Chief X12. What is the best way to transfer all my data, libraries and templates? Also how to I load all the bonus content, can it be transferred or do I have to download each library again from Chief website? FYI when I installed Chief it didn't create an X12 data folder so I copied it from my old computer. I also have the downloaded libraries in my download folder so I could copy them and open them one at a time I suppose. I just don't want to have a zillion duplicate files and textures like I have had in the past when migrating upgrades. Th
  3. No the X8 User Data is gone as if it was over written by X9. I found a backup of my User Library on my backup drive and I am installing that manually now. Migration never started because all I had on this computer was X8. I have another computer with the older versions etc. I have lots of backups to sort through but such a hassle. X9 won't even auto install the bonus lib files. I have to open each download.
  4. I just updated to X9 and it deleted X8 completely now I have no user Librarys etc. and can't find or open X8. The library migration doesn't work. I have nada but the new X9. My plans are all stored on the cloud and I can open them in X9. This never happened before with any older version.