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  1. Thanks, Gene. Would you know if I should post that itemization somewhere for CA team to see or send it in somewhere?
  2. Thanks for the response, you are right that the math you shared does "work". The practice in real life is to minimize cuts - meaning we don't want to put multiple pieces together. We want 1 piece at 12' for a wall vs 12 pieces at 1'. One room is easy enough to figure out, but putting a takeoff together for a entire house is when having CA do the math / logic work would be most excellent. There are plenty of tools out there that do this type of calculation - including CA with structural member reporting, so it seems like this is simply a missing feature in CA at this time.
  3. Hi All and Happy Friday! How can I make a materials list (buy / cut / lf) that provides the same type of information found in the Structural Member Reporting? In this example from the materials list, while the LF info is nice, what I really want to know is how many 8' or 16' pieces of trim I need to purchase. We seem to be able to do that with Structural Member Reporting, but not anything else. I imagine there is a solution(s) out there, I haven't found one. Thanks!! Shawn
  4. Excellent, thank you. If the measurements update as changes to the cabinet are made, that is exactly what I'm looking for. I've tried what you shared and I'll have to mess around with my settings and preferences later because right now all my measurements are going to the centerline of the opening vs inside to inside like your example. I reset everything to factory thinking I messed something up before I knew anything. I now know a little more than nothing
  5. Thank you, I was hoping I was overlooking a dynamic solution, but I guess I'll stick with the approach you have also been using.
  6. Help! New user here. I'm looking for a dynamic elevation view on cabinets that include shelving dimensions. PDF and Plan example attached. My client has been able to provide the dimensions and layout that they are looking for, however I'm unable to recreate the elevation view in the same style they provided. I've searched the reference manual, knowledge base, youtube, and this forum, and don't seem to be finding a good solution for an Elevation view. Seems like a basic thing, however I've spent too much time. Time to call in some experts, you! Thanks for any help! **Using X14 Premier on Apple MacBook Air.** CabinetShelvingElevationSample.pdf CabinetShelvingElevationSample.plan