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  1. Sold Johnny - finances Good luck all -- have really enjoyed it - hate to go Take care Randy
  2. X6 Full - asking 1200/OBO X7 new 2695 1200 + 645 (upgrade w/ SSA) + 50 (transfer fee) = 1895 2695 (new) - 1895 = 800 (savings) Please email Randy rgf@mchsi.com if interested
  3. With great reluctance, I must part with Chief 1500 - email or call & leave message if interested rgf@mchsi.com 302 945 5980 Randy
  4. I agree with Perry Only way to know if it is the router or modem is to try the modem directly to see if the speed increases Tis likely one of the two is the culprit If both register roughly the same speeds, then the problem may be in cabling or directly from the provider Good luck tracking this down Scott
  5. Scott Could be a router issue To check, I'd plug the Ethernet cable directly into the modem (disconnect from the router) Then check your speed to see if it improves
  6. Mine My ping is up there - but that is most likely due to the server jump
  7. I agree with Gene I would approach it using landings till they hit the straight run
  8. Try a glass house view - maybe they will reveal themselves
  9. Curt Not sure if this is what you re looking for but this is the url I use from my desktop to get straight to the forum https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/
  10. For those that use CCleaner for maintenance Select Options/Cookies Here you can select the sites you want to retain before the clean
  11. same here - got tired of replying only to see it lost who knows where First time I've tried since then Edit: well that worked but it was a fairly short reply whereas my last attempts had more volume I also thought it might be a timeout type of issue
  12. Chief runs the forum but from my limited knowledge, it is not the creator or owner I refer to a ticket I submitted regarding some issues I was having w/ the forum on my end The reply was something to the effect that Cheif would have to contact the "owner" (designer?) of the forum and for me to attach capture screens of the issues The problems were corrected without any intervention by me (or Chief that I am aware of)
  13. Try enabling Aerial View in the View drop down list - should help
  14. Yes, it has Certain tasks I make sure I right click and check Run as as Aministrator - even though I am Tis a pain, but I always check Run as Administrator when I am using system tools like regedit or cmd prompt before I open it Even with cmd prompt - I have to make sure to get an elevated state to use Found out somewhere down the line it was simply easier than being denied after I tried to effect a change to the OS I still don't know if that popup is program specific or some flaw in the OS On the other hanbd . it could be folder/file specific Right click on the folder/properites/security and see what the permissions are Anyway - was worth a shot Best of luck - no doubt you will get it straighten out Let us know when you did and what you did R
  15. Open User Accounts in the Control Panel The account that is active will be displayed (Andy) and should display Admin Let me know what you see when you open User Accounts and perhaps I can help
  16. Andy You my want to check the permmisions on your account Control Panel/User accounts Open your user account to see what rights your account has If you have Admininstrator rights - you should not be seeing this problem If not, then it can be changed easily enough
  17. Ditto what Perry said about the pics Enjoyed the one with everyone having dinner down under w/ Glenn Have a great & relaxing time
  18. I concur with Bill - very good program - good registry tool also
  19. Larry Could be permissions were changed for either the Archive folder or the Boyd Station file Worth looking at anyway, as it apppears the auto save path is correct, but CA is confused because the write could not execute To check the permissions - open ......X6 Data - then right click on the Archives folder Properties-Security : All Allow permissions should be checked (with the exception of the last - Special permissions) If not - just use the Edit button to correct Open the Archives folder and do the same routine for the Boyd Station file Permissions have been known (rarely) to alter so it is long shot Good luck
  20. Ron I also see only the key for X6 in my locker, so for a test I did this Deactivated the X6 Opened X5 - it went through the usual questions about startup options, but fired right up Never asked for my product key I can only assume (probably not the best word to use) that the key is stored & associated with my version of X5 on the server Closed X5 and started X6 - it opened a dbx that listed my product key w/ the activation option -activated it and X6 started - no questions - straight to the software Seems product keys associated to different versions should all be listed in the locker, as this is strange behavior IMO
  21. I believe the OP changed the room definition to "Porch" Could possibly make a difference if the wall were changed to invisiable Haven't tried - Interesting though