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  1. Were in CA? Northern, Sacramento, Bay Area? I serve Northern and Sacramento, Do you need services only in the Design Development? Permit Processing?
  2. Hi Potential Customer I am in Northern CA and very familiar with all codes and jurisdictions I have my own team and engineers, email me at:
  3. California might be the most difficult building code in the world The Bay Area the worst You could expect 40% of your time in project management. Drawing is the easy part You can be looking at a year out
  4. Look at services offered. Link: Ericpv is usually the most advertised Renee Rabbit posts quite a lot
  5. Renee Rabbit is in your area. There are a few others in the East Bay and vicinity that can help if he is too busy I'm in the Gold Country, but on occasion take a project in the Bay Area, having grown up in Marin.
  6. Hi Adam, I am located in the Sierra Foothills and service South Lake Tahoe and El Dorado County CA is probably the most insane building code in the world, I would be happy to discuss further. I'll PM you
  7. Not myself, but I would refer Farzan, who is part of the Chief users world wide, I have used him for over 4 years and I use Matterport for most of my As-Built in N. Ca Farzan has done all my conversions since then.
  8. Does anyone have a A "Slat Wood Wall Panel" or "Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panel?
  9. Send me a clean copy without mark ups in PDF, I'll see if I can convert it with Print2CAD, no cost