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  1. That seemed to work! Thank You!
  2. I am not familiar with "bumping/pushing", what is that?
  3. Anyone else have issues all of a sudden with objects (cabinets, fixtures, appliances,etc) not sliding in to place? When it happens I think my "object snaps" is unselected, but that is not the case. All my snaps are on and the "object snaps" is selected. Any ideas?....
  4. so I have been having the issue with the program just closing whenever it feels, telling me there is an issue and needs to close. I never had this problem until I upgraded to X8. lately I have notice it happening when I'm scrolling through my library. Anyone else have this happen? do I need to call technical support about it?
  5. got it! Thank you Glen! I don't remember ever clicking that option.
  6. I am using X8 and in the last few weeks my textures in 3-D have disappeared. When I go to my camera view it shows just flat colors and then I click the "final view" option and the textures come on, but if I move the camera they go away again. this never use to happen, does anyone know why? or how I change this?
  7. Thank you, they snuck that new tab in there.
  8. This may be a stupid question, but I cant seem to find how to change the roofing material in the upgraded program. When you I open the roof dialogue box and go to the materials tab, the only options are the fascia, soffit and ridge cap. Anyone know where I can find the roofing material change?
  9. That worked! Thank you Michael! selecting "perspective crop mode" prevents the camera from "moving"
  10. yes, that is the problem I am having, Dackman. the view looks great but when I rotate it to get the right angle that I want that is when it starts to become distorted and then if you scroll in to get closer it then distorts it even more. The rotation of the perspective view is different.
  11. After upgrading to X8, I have noticed the 3-D views are becoming distorted, is anyone else having a problem with this? This is one of the best features of this program and my clients love that I can show these but ever since I upgraded they don't look the same as before.