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  1. Yes those planes in your red circle are one continuous surface, and the Baseboard continues. I will try to get the stairs, landing, and step as one. Each time I did tho I had the railing on the single step. Might make my life easier.
  2. Spoke to soon, I can get it to work and renders properly but on save and reopen it disappears.
  3. This worked. Doesn't Flush up exactly but I was able to get what I needed. I didn't uncheck room def because I wanted to keep the Baseboard.
  4. The stringer is flush with the Sheetrock surface now. Both the wall under the stairs and the full height wall surfaces are flush. The reason I didn't do the stairs as a unit was I was not able to remove the railing on the right with the single stair when built as a unit.
  5. I have tried it both ways, open underneath check and not checked
  6. Closed and re-zipped. Correct the wall under the stair is being a pain. Is that just an alignment issue? 1912531 - Botsch - Kitchen Renovation - Existing (2).zip
  7. I am trying to add finished wall underneath a stair. The staircase is built and the railings are all what and where they need to be. When the full height wall ends tho, the wall then continues underneath the stairs. I have tried going in Cross Section cameras and "pulling" or editing the wall surface points, but when i do the first few balusters disappear. I have attached pictures before I edit the wall surface in Cross Section and after, as well as the plan file. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, maybe the 50 below zero temps in Wisconsin fried my brain and it's a simple fix. 1912531 - Botsch - Kitchen Renovation -
  8. Oh Man - This would be nice to see in X10
  9. Am I missing something or is it not possible to modify frameless cabinets in the latest version of X9 with 5/8" Sides?
  10. Seems so easy now, thank you very much
  11. Seemingly I am probably overthinking this, but can you create custom line styles? An example being a line that instead of having the "110 V" text in the line you can add any text that applies? I have tinkered a little bit and can't seem to make it happen. Thanks
  12. I see he asked a question for his software, but in reality they are the same in my opinion. And I have also found issues with PDF imports. When you import a PDF with the name "File" that was created in Word or Excel or any other program that is saved to a PDF there is an issue with importing - or re-importing. Say I imported "File" which contains some data, then if I update that document with modified data and again save it as a PDF. When you attempt to change or update the file path to reflect the new updated version, it doesn't change. The original imported document will always be there, regardless if it has been saved in plan or not. The only way to change the document to the updated version is to assign a new file name each time the document is modified. This has been a problem for me on projects where multiple people are involved and make changes or expect to see changes. Keeping track of files names and having sometimes many of them is daunting and often leads to an error. It would be nice if you could refresh that file to show the new data, even if that file has the same name. And there seems to be no place to edit imported files
  13. I wish I could, I can't distribute the entire CAD File I was only able to get permission for the screen shots of limited views.
  14. Alright - I think I may have figured out a solution, maybe not a proper solution but this is my idea. All the files I received are CAD files in DWG, so when I import them I get CAD lines and boxes. Instead of trying to rebuild the walls in the entirety I have traced all the interior walls with a room divider (that way outlets and objects will snap to them). Then I just filled the CAD lines with Solid Polylines with the proper Fill Style. I am pretty sure this is not the best or correct way but I think it will work for what I need. Anyone have a different idea that may be better? Thanks to everyone who replied.