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  1. I had a play with your file i made some changes 

    I put a roof hole in the large roof plain front and rear gables

    facia heights on large roof plains i made sub facia 15" and eave facia 16" also turned on boxed eaves

    I put a molding for deck facia

    I made stair floor open below


    See if that is what you can use, I think the roof pitch should be stepper like 12 in 12 from looking at your photos


  2. From looking at your plan and photos it seems like you are on the right track, was there something in particular that you would like to improve on

  3. My method use the material eye dropper on the material that has the wrong angle  then select copy selected material on the lower tool bar  then go to texture tab and change texture angle and you should be done. You might need to do the same on stringers at a different angle

    this will work in x13 and above 


    please do your signature as it is often dependant on your chief version

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