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  1. Thanks guys, will try the second floor fix and see how it comes out. I will still have to deal with the sloped ceiling that is partially over the two little rooms, however.

    Mark - that's so obvious a solution I can't believe I didn't figure that out myself. D'oh!

    I don't understand sloped ceiling over 2 little rooms I thought that was the look you wanted can you explain sorry if I am missing the obvious
  2. Any ideas as to why  I cant login to this forum using chrome but it works with mozilla fire fox


    Also I must say I am sick of having to login in all the time, I miss the way the old forum worked if I was on my ipad it auto login, if i was on my desktop it was auto login now i am forced to re login every time i change device and i change devices a lot

  3. I also have no problems recommending it for Australia use , i f you find your self struggling to learn it I some times help with screen sharing to help with the learning curve witch I would guess is easier than other software program's