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  1. I have waited patiently to upgrade my iMac to Sierra because of all the problems I experience with Chief when I upgrade to a new version of Apple's OS. It is now the middle of Feb. are people still having problems with crashing? I also have NOT downloaded Chief X 9 because of the same issues--I have been snake bit too many times with crashing, losing hours of work, graphics not displaying properly etc. I just want to avoid all of those headaches and am hopeful that the kinks have been worked out. Sharon
  2. Dermot, I have waited patiently to upgrade my iMac to Sierra because of all the problems I experience with Chief when I do so. It is now the middle of Feb. are people still having problems with crashing?
  3. I so appreciate everyone who took the time to answer my question. I am so grateful for the generous and helpful people in this forum.
  4. I have modified and created my own custom plans for my kitchen & bath projects-traditional, transitional,& contemporary, selecting door styles, crown etc. In Chief's migration guides, they always seem to discourage migrating your custom plan and layout templates. "For best results, it is recommended that your either: Use the installed templates as the basis for creating new plan and layout files in Chief Architect X ......" Use the installed templates as the basis for creating new custom templates" I certainly DO NOT want to have to set up a new custom layout file every year. I understand that if you are still using stuff from X1 that may be a problem and I just redid things in X6. Has anyone encountered problems migrating their custom templates forward from year to year? Just wondering if one is asking for trouble with file corruptions etc? Thanks for your insight!
  5. I downloaded it last week. I have been working in 2 separate files this morning and both have frozen on me to where I can't even do a force quite but have to turn the power off. It has happened when sending a layout to print, a layout to PDF, in a different program when in layout and plan working in changes to an elevation. So today, it has frozen on me 4-5 times. I do not get the option to do an error report because I have to turn off my computer.
  6. Many thanks for letting me know this I went on 3D warehouse and was able to import the fixture I needed. I appreciate you pointing out that this had been fixed!
  7. Is there a secret to downloading a 3D model from the Kohler website? I have the choice of downloading the 3D model in either DWG or DXF. When I choose to download the file, I am not able to "save" it, rather I am only offered the opportunity to open it with the application. When I choose Chief I get only the option to import as a CAD file. So.......does that mean I can not import symbols from this website too?? I know that Chief for the iMac CAN NOT use anything from sketchup in the 3D Warehouse- skp files etc.. I have always had a PC and enjoyed being able to download plumbing, appliances etc. for my clients projects. I am finding this very frustrating with the iMac version of Chief. While the library is nice, it does not support many of the items I need. What do other iMac users do? Thanks for your help. Sharon Olsen X7 for iMac kohler import.tiff
  8. Thank you for your time and willingness to share.
  9. Doug, thank you for that advice. I looked at the settings and saw that the dpi was 600 and I had not changed that out of the box! I think my HP 7500 was 300 dpi. I will try that also.
  10. Greg, to answer your question: yes, it is connected with a USB cable--should have mentioned that. Alan, glad to hear about the Doc feeder. Perhaps I need to buy the Brother also, try it out and then return one of these. Thankfully did not order it online.
  11. Greg, it may have been the 7 year old HP I had which was the 7500 all in one, but from day 1 there were issues with the paper feeders both from the tray but especially from the auto document feeder. I would have to open it, make sure I place the paper in further and at times it would grab 2 pages--frustrating when scanning to PDF. Also it could not do double sided printing. Many now do so. The other issue is the software that comes with the printer, the Epson software gives you so many options for both the printer and the scanner. The dialog box is not intuitive out of the box as it pops up in the simple version, so you need to find the "more detail" option to open up lots of options and these change with the document being printed--photo, text etc. Lots of paper sizes to chose from. I would love to know the time people are getting on say printing out a single page tabloid size floorplan on their printers. As I said earlier, I timed a print-out test of the single page PDF version and the print speed was approx. 40 seconds for 1 page. So, at this speed, it would take approximately 10 min to print out a 12 page document at "normal" print quality. Joey, any input on the approx time you printer takes?
  12. You did ask about the iMacs too--probably getting more of that feedback because more can afford the iMac vs Mac Pro. I just bought an iMac 27" Retina with the 4 GHz intel 7 core, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 and the AMD Radeon R9 with 2 GB video memory. The issue with the super high resolution is that when you use it everything gets VERY small and I mean small with font size equal to a 4pt or 6pt. I had to change the default display option to 2043 x 1200 so that text displayed and icons could be read/seen. This is still a sharp screen image, but it certainly is not the 3000 x 1800 setting at the highest range. However, one can certainly change to that if you are doing something that might require the power of that resolution like photo editing, streaming video etc.
  13. I experience island problems also and so many of the kitchen remodels I do have islands. It's getting all the cabinet modules tight and they are a beast to reposition etc. A trick I found that really helped me was to position a line of cabinets against a wall, configure them or edit, then block the whole group knowing that the backs are perfectly aligned. I then do the same for the "back" side of the island with whatever configuration is going there, block this group of cabinets. I then place them back to back and make sure they are aligned which is so much easier as 2 blocks. And once again-when perfect, I block it all into one group. Sometimes, this has eliminated the lines, other times I've used a custom countertop and just annotated with text the appliances below.
  14. Thank you all for answering. Let me say that I just got this and set it up and spent yesterday doing a test run on various functions to make sure it is the printer for me. One of the things I did was print out layout documents for a project I did several months ago to see how the printer would handle it. Yes, I did have imported PDFs in the specification page for some appliances. However, when sending the very same layout file to my old HP all in one wide format, I did not have speed issues, even with the imported PDF files. Alan, thanks for the input on the Brother All in one- does the document feeder work well without jamming? That was a persistent issue with the HP and also very slow scan speeds. I will say the Epson scan speed is like lighting--I was dumbfounded by how fast it scans and also copies from the ADF or the flatbed itself. Just wish I could say the same about the print speed. I did send the layout to PDF and printed and it was much faster-approximately 45 sec for a tabloid page with images. Is this the work around? Draft does not seem to be an option with this printer because in draft mode-the text is so light that one can barely read it. Seems like with all of these there's always some draw-back. Greg, would love to hear any advice. I have the new 27" iMac retina with the i7 chip.
  15. Any suggestions for a new wide format printer that works well with Chief? Spent an hour with Epson customer support and we are able to print at reasonable speeds on tabloid paper from other applications both an 11 x 17 photo and also an 11 x 17 document, so it appears that this printer isn't working well with the X7 program.
  16. I invested in a new Epson printer an all-in-one wide format WF 7610. I am experiencing extremely SLOW printing speeds when I send the layout file to print with each page taking approximately 7 minutes to print--I timed it. All drivers & software have been updated, I have both the page setup correct and print layout correct and the print quality for the printer is "normal". Have been on the phone with Chief and we've doubled checked all my printer settings, but they aren't familiar with Epson. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I replaced an HP wide format all in one with the new Epson which is Apple compatible since the drivers in my HP were so old. Not sure now if I need to return it. Thanks for any input.
  17. My problem is NOT an old computer or drivers, my new computer is an iMac 27inch with a dedicated Nividia GeForce GT 755M 1024 MB graphics card, 3.2 GHZ intel core i5, Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Customer support sent an email saying my problem was that I had two graphics cards and that I had to make one the master. I do not have 2 graphics cards--desktop iMac, not a laptop and even called Apple support to make sure there wasn't something on the motherboard that I didn't know about. They told me that there is only 1 graphics card in my computer. I have never had a problem like this with Chief and I've been using Chief since Version 8.0. This is making work miserable.
  18. Just downloaded the NON BETA version of X7 an having major crashes- have been sending in error reports and also on the website with screen shots, mostly happening when I am in either a camera view or an elevation view and often with both open, happens when a camera is open and I go to display options, it has happened over 12 times today in 2 different plans, both started in X7 Beta. I did not have this problem in beta which was the PC version, however, I have just bought a new iMac and I have migrated/imported from a PC to the Mac.
  19. I am having the same issues. In X6 I never had any issues. Whenever I changed something in plan, it dynamically updated the view in layout. With X7, I am finding that on occasion I am having to delete the layout view and resend it to layout again, especially if I add call-outs with notations. Is this a known bug in X7?
  20. Kirk, your effort at getting us a stainless steel material/texture kind of got lost in all the Corona discussion. I really appreciate you attempting to do this for us and I am looking forward to trying it.
  21. Thank all of you for your input. Scott, the shower is not the problem. I have done the shower walls with the custom backsplash tool which I had wanted to try out since someone mentioned using it in another thread. I did this because this shower has 4 existing windows in it and the custom backsplash formed around all objects perfectly, so this may be my new tool for shower tile. I did not selected the shower as a room and chose tile as a wall finish. I am having problems on the bathroom side of the shower wall attempting to apply a paint color to the room outside of the shower, Glenn it sounds like using an invisible wall to get those wall breaks in may be just the ticket. I have deleted and redrawn those walls and that did not work when trying to insert the wall breaks to keep that shower glass from being painted. I so appreciate how everyone takes the time to help out.
  22. Has anyone encountered a problem using the wall break tool? In all the years of using Chief, this is the first time I've had this problem. I select the wall break icon and click once on the wall where I want to have the break inserted and nothing happens. The break is not there. I've also gone into the menu to select this tool under the build>wall>wall break tool, but that doesn't work either. I double checked the wall to make sure that the wall break was not there, by selecting the wall. It is selecting as one continuous wall. This is occurring near the junction of a 4" interior wall and a wall converted to a glass shower wall. As I get further away from the junction of these 2 walls, I am then able to insert a break. I am attempting to apply a color to the bathroom wall without "painting" over the glass wall. It will look very strange to have a 2 foot span of unpainted drywall next to the glass shower walls. Thank you for any wisdom regarding this issue.
  23. This is exactly why I have requested that recessed niches be added to the Chief standard library. Ones that can be used in showers and other rooms. We all have been creating them and adding them to our library symbols, but as Chief changes so must the symbols created.
  24. Thank you to everyone who has answered this question. I was hoping that one did NOT have to store all of these images, but I guess there is not getting around it if one wants to have more selections above and beyond the Chief Libraries. As a kitchen & bath designer, I do need a larger assortment of tiles. I obviously need to change quick downloads to the desktop and set up a folder/file in I guess, my Chief data folder. I appreciate everyone taking the time to help me out.