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  1. Hi Renerabbitt, I was wondering if you can help me with a flooring material?

    Using (what seems to be all of) CA's wood flooring shows a reflection that I am not satisfied with (attached).

    I used your better hardwood floor (attached) and it looks much better! Is there a way that I can accomplish this?

    I tried messing with the properties, making it a Matte material and some other things but none seemed to effect it significantly. (I am fairly new to CA.)

    Does it have to do with the roughness? Can I copy the material, replace the roughness file, and get an appropriate reflective effect that you have accomplished with your hardwoods? If so, can I use your roughness file?

    (Also, I used your updated pendant lights. They look so much better and thank you!)

    Best, Lea

    Kitchen - Bad Reflection.jpg

    Kitchen - Good Reflection.jpg

    1. Renerabbitt


      can you post a plan file?

      you can always blend my floor with a color to try and match the look of the OOTB floor. 

      Yes turn roughness up on the OOTB floor to match your liking. If there is a texture file in the roughness DBX entry you can try deleting it and then changing roughness. You should be able to adjust vertical and horizontal roughness with the absence of a roughness texture.

      and thanks/ hearing when people are happy with item I've created!