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cant figure out how to get my last appliance into my wall oven wall

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I have one more appliance to enter into my full height cabinet. The manufacturer catalog does not have the correct measurements to my warming drawer so I modified it myself but can't seem to get it into the cabinet.  


Can I save the modified warming drawer into the manufacturer catalog?  If so, how do I do this?  


What view do I use to enter appliances manually?  


Much Thanks, 





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There are at least a couple ways to do this...

1. Select your modified symbol and click Add To Library. Then open your cabinet, select that face item and then choose that item from your library.

2. Just give your cabinet the proper opening size and manually position your appliance using plan and elevation views.

I personally use the latter technique almost exclusively.

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Sometimes you have to reduce the bounding box size of appliance symbols. This is best done before changing the appliance size. Changing both can have unwanted/ unexpected results though and may need trial and error.

Sometimes when inserting from the library an appliance won't fit even when the cabinet is correct. You can usually drag the cabinet off somewhere, increase the width and depth or item height...then inert appliance. Then resize back to the correct size and put it back.

When the final view of the face of an appliance,with proper reveals, is critical I find a SU or dwg and delete the body. Then import that as a symbol (fixture that does NOT insert into a cabinet) then float that onto the front of the cabinet.

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