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  1. Thank you, thank you to all of your responses. That did the trick. It's the little things:)
  2. ok i think i get it, i think the drawing sheet inside the 24x36 is small. how to I enlarge to fit the 24x36?
  3. help! deadline and I can't seem to send my layout in pdf format to my printer correctly. see screenshot. I am saving it as a 24"x36" in 1/4'=1'0" but it is not working. city file-Layout.pdf
  4. Do I use poloylines to create this look on a fireplace wall? It's the angled shelves I am having problems with. Are there any good tutorials on how to create things with polylines? Attached is the look I am after and a picture of my camera floor plan image Much Thanks, Laura floor plan camera image.pdf
  5. Michael was right. The center cabinet just needed to be tight to the wall. Thanks guys Laura
  6. Hi, Here is a screen shot of how I added the base molding to create a header molding return look...
  7. Hi, added base molding to the top of these cabinets but I am seeing the lines in-between them. How do I make those lines to go away to reflect the way it will be installed?
  8. I have one more appliance to enter into my full height cabinet. The manufacturer catalog does not have the correct measurements to my warming drawer so I modified it myself but can't seem to get it into the cabinet. Can I save the modified warming drawer into the manufacturer catalog? If so, how do I do this? What view do I use to enter appliances manually? Much Thanks, Laura