different exterior wall finishes on lower / upper portions of the wall

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You have several choices to solution:


1. Make the exterior wall into a "pony Wall" which splits the outer wall into two wall types that each have adjustable wall poly-lines.

2. for an accent strip you can use the "Wall Covering" tool found in the Wall Specification Dialog to place interior or exterior materials strips

3. You can use a shaped soffit to emulate material appliques inside or out

4. You can use molding profiles to create custom Architectural appliques as well.

5. You can use the relatively new "Materials Region" tool to create applicaques.


What EXACTLY do you want to do where?



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6. You can use polyline solids.

7. You can use a combination of the above.

There may be other methods as well.

P.S. This thread should be moved to the General Q&A section. I don't know what's going on lately but questions being posted in the wrong places seems to be getting a little out of hand.

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Thank you so much DJP...i will give that a the pony wall option a try. For some reason I thought that the pony wall was only used at the ground level. Alaskan Son... I am using a polyline solid for the belly bands and I would assume that I would use this technique to apply a "veneer" to the exterior surface...I'll give that a try also because it seems quite flexible...thanks again

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