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  1. I am trying to add a bonus room to a single story house...a 1.5 story house and I keep running into problems... I only want a 2nd floor above the garage, but there vaulted ceilings in other rooms. The current challenge is adding transom windows in the vaulted rooms...The model has the upper floor stucture cutting through the transom or not allowing placement of the window beacause the floor of the upper floor is there...these are areas that should not have a floor above.
  2. I have a large house plan that is a couple of years old and the file now shows two windows at every location? The window schedule also shows two for one... Any resolution?
  3. ok so....i figured out that the moulding layer was not toggled on in the overview window...Geez
  4. I have tried to over size the moulding...change height...checked to see if moldings were turned on..pulled the polyline away from the wall...nothing
  5. I have used this method to create belly bands and stone sills on other plans without any trouble. on the plan I am working on (created in X6 now in X8) I can see the moulding polyline in plan view but cannot see the polyline in the overview...What am I missing here?
  6. Thanks "solver" It took a couple of experiments but it all came together
  7. How do you remove a moulding from a single wall in a room? Like a glass shower wall outside the shower
  8. Why do polyline solids appear perfect in plan view but in the perspective view the size of the polyline solid is incorrect. In this case I am using the polyline solids for stone sills above stone veneer on pony walls and belly bands on siding transitions Thanks for your help in advancepolyline example.pdf
  9. Thank you so much DJP...i will give that a the pony wall option a try. For some reason I thought that the pony wall was only used at the ground level. Alaskan Son... I am using a polyline solid for the belly bands and I would assume that I would use this technique to apply a "veneer" to the exterior surface...I'll give that a try also because it seems quite flexible...thanks again
  10. I am trying to figure out how to apply two different finishes to exterior walls where my upper floor exterior has a belly band separating two different types and colors of siding.