Trimming Columns Against Wall?

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Hello everyone,


I haven't been able to find a simple way of clipping a column to fit against a wall.  In Autocad I would usually clip it at 4/5ths of the size for the visual effect of the column against the wall.  In Chief it seems to snap against the wall which would leave me with a gap between the column & wall surface. Am I missing something on this or do I need to build each one of these manually from scratch?


Thank you!

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As above or uncheck Bumping/Pushing, same thing. You can place any object anywhere, just be aware that there are times when the object may cause or behave not as expected. If for example there is a floor height difference on each side of a wall and you place an object that projects into that wall it's height from the floor may lock onto the other floor height. You may need to manually adjust the objects height from floor.



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