How to create Parallel Chord Truss

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Hello Everyone,


The builder I work for uses Parallel Chord trusses for the majority of their projects and I cannot figure out how to get the software to correctly display this system. I have attached a jpg of a section drafted in different software showing what I am trying to accomplish. Currently I am just using I-beam trusses to mimic the size of this system but they are not getting trimmed to the walls and stick out past the walls in section and elevation view. This does not look very professional and I would really like to be able to properly display the system we are using.


Can chief do this? If so how?


Thank you in advance for your help.




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It is a spot of bother and I haven't needed to do it since version 9.5 but you merely have to unlock the Truss envelope layer in Display options and then you can, with patience reshape a truss envelope and edit the chords anyway  you wish. You might want to carefully read the section of the Reference Manual regarding truss editing first.



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you need to draw a roof plane and ceiling plane in the room you want a parallel chord truss for.

then draw a truss manually.

the webbing will go between the 2 as it should.

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Trusses build to whatever shape you have set between your ceiling and roof plane (underside).  As Bernie mentioned, make a ceiling plane parallel to the roof plane but up (z) 3'-6" if your picture is correct for the depth of the truss.  You can also custom edit a truss - and there is a video on that.

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