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Hello All,


I upgraded to Chief X8 and Windows 10 and I keep getting this warning message:


c:\p4sync\dev\releases\18.0.3\chief\source\SecurityManager.h(796): Warning #272032304

"Chief Architect needs to re-establish an Internet connection in order to verify security and check for new product updates. You must connect this computer to the Internet and run Chief Architect prior to 1/29/2016 4:34:57 PM


This message comes up at program start up and as I am working every 10 min (?) or so.


I have disabled my Norton Antivirus and Firewall and still does not work. Made sure that Chief X8 was on the safe list.


Tired to register through the program and says the firewall is blocking access to the internet.


I am logged in as Administrator and running the program as Administrator.


Obviously I have internet access as I am posting this.


Any help or ideas to try would be really helpful. Frustrated as I am usually good at fixing these things







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if you don't get any help here over the weekend


you will probably need to contact CA's customer service on Monday


they are on Pacific time


maybe try re-booting PC ???



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Thanks Lew and Alan

I just tried that and no luck still the same thing.

At least I can still work :)

Will have to wait till Monday.

Have a great weekend.



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