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Im new to Chief Architect and want to create a Staircase from the basement to the 1st and to the 2nd floor. The Stairs from the basement to the first floor should be accessible through a door.


But Its not working...


I have to mention that its my first house and its just an attempt to visualize my imagination from my house without aim to perfection...


Thats what I want:18066329ki.jpg



And thats what I have:






Step by step tips should help me to achieve my goal...


Thank you!



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Select the stairs, click the blue door icon in the lower left corner of the window to open the stair dbx. Many options...including the railings.

You can open the online version of the reference manual by going through the help menu at the top of the window.

If you have SSA, watch as many Chief Architect training videos as you can tolerate. Also, check the website for addition videos, THEY ARE FREE.

Lastly, close your chief file, zip, and post. There are more people willing to help than you can imagine, but without your plan, we are all guessing at the problems you are having.

Patience, lots of trial and error, patience....did I mention patience?

Chief is a highly capable program, but there are more opportunities for user error than you can imagine....did I mention patience? The more you use the program, the easier it becomes so don't give up.

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Sure is a pretty staircase.  Looks like mahogany.  I like the way the first few steps flare with their curves.  To reproduce, get a good stairbuilder, and get out your wallet.


Looking for advice on how to model this using all-Chief, with precision, to match the real thing?


Your attempt shows your stairs curving at the bottom, which is not what is happening in the photo.  Your stairs take a flare on one side, with treads and risers going from rectangular (tread #6 from bottom, it appears) to being arc segments as you go down 5-4-3-2 to the first tread at 1.  Your wall-under-stair follows that nicely-done flare.


Consider modeling a sequence of landings for numbers 1 through 5, with appropriate curved shapes in 2D plan, then springing your straight run up from #5.


Chief's stair tools are a little lacking when it comes to doing a stair with this geometry.  Getting that railing with its curve, rollout, and bottom newel will take some work.  Your skirt is going to take some work, and may need to be modeled outside Chief, then imported as a symbol.


Good luck.  Here are a couple pics of stairs like yours, but not as nice.  Whoever did yours had a great eye.



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Perhaps I wasnt clear in describing what I want. I just want a door to the basement stairs under the stairs to the second floor and a railing only at the stairs from first to second floor. The look of the stairs doesnd matter (at this stadium)

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