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How Do You Re-Block Acad Block After Exploding It And Editing

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I am using x7. I have created a layout template and have placed several of the notes that are cad blocks from the library.

I exploded the block to edit the text. but now do not know how to re-block it. how do you re-block and rename it?

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Did you look in the help file or manual?

It is all revealed there.

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Hi Glenn,

Yes i checked first. It says to select two or more items and then press the make cad block Icon. but I do not see that icon any were nor does it show as a right click option. Here is what I did. I selected the block, right clicked and selected explode block then elected edit rich text in place. edited the text and changed font style and size. the clicked on the text box. I do not see the make block icon nor is it an right click option. I know it is exploded as it does not show as a block in the properties and explode block is no longer available as a right click option. 

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Are you trying to block 2 text items together or make a block from 1 text item?


I think you may be trying to make a block from a single text item.

If so, select the text item, shift select it again, on the Edit toolbar there will be a Make Cad Block icon.

Click that and now it is a block that you can add to the library.

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... select the text item, shift select it again...


You actually just have to shift select it one time or marquee select it. 

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Thanks for the clarification Michael.

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