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  1. I can not get the wall brackets and hinges for glass shower enclosure to move and position in the glass wall. they bump up against it not into it. What am I missing ?
  2. I am a project manager and construction manager for Design and build company along with I have my own company. Of late I find my self doing a lot of work onsite or from the desk in my truck. I am currently using a Toshiba Satellite Intel (r) Core i7-5500u CPU@ 2.4 GHZ and 8 GB of installed ram, OS window 10 running CA 8 64 byte. I have been experiencing long lags while editing the layout pages or moving items any suggestions of what would be a better rig for mobile operations ?
  3. I am sending elevation views to the lay out and I want them to print with just lines no shading of walls or appliances just crisp lines. I have sent the view as techical drawings but there still is shading. What am I missing?
  4. I have been lately called to do custom cabinet layout and elevations and some kitchen design. Is there a way to do this with out having to create an exterior wall shell. and getting elevations for islands and interior walls has been pretty challenging. Is there a better program or are there some template plans I can use? Thank you
  5. I have created a group of cabinets as a island then made a cad block and added it to my Library. The bounding box extends beyond the cabinets so I can not get an accurate measurement. How do I create the box so it exactly fits the island or does not impact my measurements. Monterey kit.plan
  6. I have a kitchen design with blind cabinets in the corners. The cabinets are custom built. I an using the wall elevation for the cabinet builder. I can not get the blind part to show. i have taken a 36" cabinet and reduced one door to 12 and created an opening for the remaining 24. The 24" opening does not show. I then tried a 12" cabinet with a 24" cabinet with no doors next to it. Either way the it does not show in the elevation. the alterations show in the floor camera. I second question how I am getting the wall elevations is saving additional versions of the original plan and removing the cabinets that are in the way on adjoining walls. Is there a way to hide the cabinets so I can do all this in one file? attached is a pdf of the east wall elevation sheet. Monterey kit3.plan Monterey kit-Layout east wall.pdf
  7. I have created A full size cabinet and an opening I want the side stiles to be 1.5" thick. the option is grayed out in the front/ sides / back specification box.
  8. Dermot, This is great i was having a problem to adjust the height of the deck when I did it on the 2 floor can I adjust the height it would not allow me to drag it to where I wanted it?
  9. What I wanted to accomplish was to replace the decking with concrete and assign the post and beams to be steel, I had a issue with the joisting but made it 3/4" plywood and changed the planking to 0 gap and a width wider than the landing and assigned concrete to it. What I wanted to end up with was a steel beam and post framing supporting a 4" to 6" concrete deck. Here is the plan at ground zero again. stairs dup.pdfmeeting 1.plan
  10. I attached the plan and a screen shoot to the original post Thank you
  11. Thanks Chopsaw, I tried the solution two things happened all the framing for the deck went away the posts and beams. The second thing was the roof line configured to cover the now porch. any other ideas?
  12. I am drawing exterior stairs to exit and they need to descend 1/2 the distance and change directions at a landing a u shaped. I used the stair tool and drew the 2 runs and the with the stair tool active clicked where the landing was to be built. what was built was an interior landing with no support But the landing needs to have the post and bean framing of a deck. I could not see how to accomplish this? I deleted the landing and drew a deck but it placed at the second floor and extended the lower portion of the stairs to the deck. Am I missing some easy way to do this? stairs.pdf meeting 1.plan
  13. I am drawing an outside stairway to the upstairs for an entrance of a duplex. How can I change the decking to be concrete? i can edit the beams and posts to be iron and the stairs and the railings but the decking I have not figured out how to edit.
  14. I am drawing a duplex and most of the second floor stacks on the first. Is there a way to overlay ( Show the 1st floor as a template while working on the second) the second floor over the first so I can insure my walls are in alignment? Another issue that I think this will help with is we are currently looking at different configurations on the lot. I have to move each floor individually so this will help with keeping everything aligned unless there is a better way to move the whole structure. Thank you
  15. I inserted this sink form the library but there is no hole. If I lower it more I have the hardware sticking out like it is in quick sand. How do you manually cut a hole for a sink. Attached picture and file gsantos.plan