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Hey all,


Back on CA for the first time in a while.

I'm having problems with the layout scaling. I have everything set to 1/2" = 1ft but when I click on ok it transfers to my layout page so small I can barely see it.

A 40' wall at 1/2" to 1'-0 should be represented on the layout page as 20" long I believe.


I have made adjustments to preferences, defaults etc but with no luck.

any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried searches to no avail.

I realise that one of the suggestions will be to up grade but at this time is not an option.


Thanks in advance,


Lee Boland.


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Layout should be set 1:1 (1" = 1")


When you send to layout set the scale and the drawing will be sent to that scale.


If you send a plan to layout at one scale then scale the layout you are scaling the item twice. There are lots of help articles online as well - Look up layout on the main web page.

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I probably was not as clear as I should have been.


What I was describing are the print scaling settings set in Drawing Sheet Setup (Page Setup in version 10)


The layout print settings should be 1:1 when you send to layout you choose the scale. Most plans in the US are 1/4" = 1ft but there are many choices.


Typically users set the plan print settings to 1/4" = 1ft so that you can either print from the plan or see the plan as it will be printed at that scale.


The real work is done when you send to layout at the scale you want.


When you print a 24 x 36 sheet to a 24 x 36 paper you don't want to scale it. You want it that size.


This is a common area of confusion - see this link:


The dialogs in the knowledge base are different than version 10 but the process is the same.

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Dan you are a miracle worker!


And Lew I really appreciate you asking the Q.

If someone like you was a little unsure then I don't feel quite so dumb.

rest assured I did try. 


I very much appreciate this as I really need these drawings to work so as to convince both myself and my wife that I deserve x6!!


Thanks again

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