Only Get 4 Layers When Exporting To Autocad


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Hello everyone,


I'm still a newbie to Chief so thank you for the help. I'm trying to export to AutoCAD so I can send plans and sections to my structural for engineering and when I open the exported files in AutoCAD (I'm on a Mac)...all I see are the following layers:



CAD Default Lines

CAD Default Patterns

Cross Section Lines


So, the result is that no matter what you click on, it's all on CAD Default Lines...not very useful.


Why is Chief not exporting all of the many layers I have available within the program?


I checked the Reference Manual, but it wasn't much help.


Thanks in advance!

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I opened your CAD file and it worked great, I could see more than just the layers I got. What is the secret?


While I'm asking, did you do layer cleanup in Chief before you exported? This looks a lot cleaner than what I have in Chief.

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I am new to CA...I just purchased it the other day after test driving it for 30 days. There is a lot to like and I will definitely stick with it.


However, I have to say, I am very disheartened at how badly CA handles exporting to CAD. It is just not user friendly. Again, I come from the revit world where I can export all of my sheets ("pages" in CA) in one fell swoop. All of the layers export and the views in AutoCAD look EXACTLY like they do in revit.


In CA, I have to export each page, one at a time, and although the look is almost exact, I find things like hatches that are transparent all of a sudden, section views only have like 3 or 4 layers, and line weights are a mess. OR, I can export each view (a floor plan, an elevation, a section) from within my .plan file, also ONE AT A TIME. 


I really, really need CAD exporting to be better as I work with lots of structural engineers who will send these dwgs back and tell me to clean them up first. I don't have time for that.


What tips can you guys give me on how to handle this better? Am I missing something here?


As I said above, I really, like CA...I am going to stick with it...but this is my first honest to goodness complaint.

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......I really, really need CAD exporting to be better as I work with lots of structural engineers who will send these dwgs back and tell me to clean them up first. I don't have time for that.



I hear what you are saying.  I do export one view at a time.  This has worked for me,  but I hear you.


However,  I think for a structural engineer,   he only needs your framing and foundation plans.  I think you can export all FLOORS/LEVELS in one fell swoop.  I think......  


I just tried to export/import several layers/floors in one fell swoop.....  I was unsucessful.  I bet there will be someone who will explain how to do what you want to do very soon.


If nobody explains how to do it,  it should not take too long.  Export maybe 3 layers for a two story,  you should be able to do that in 90 seconds.

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Thanks for the motivational words Scott. Although I'm a bit bummed about this, I love CA. I've been telling my revit friends who concentrate on single family residential that they should really take a look. I run a husband wife firm (with my wonderful wife of course) and I plan to buy another license for her. She learns better in classroom settings so I'll need to get her in to one.


So, onward and forward!


Happy New Year!

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