Different Image/textrue On Each Side Of 3D Box?


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Hello, I am working on a small part of a design and the object I have imported is very complex ad 40 meg in size. I have to replicate this 52 times in the design. I've tried everything I could to make this smaller including importing many different file formats.  


I was wondering if I could take an idea from Video Games and create a 3D box and then add imported image, one to each side to give the illusion of a full 3D when rotated?    


I know in CA that I can place an image on a surface, but it is possible to create a box or tell the box to treat each surface as a separate surface so i can place a differenet image on each one?  


Any help would be highly appreciated. 







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Am I mistaken or does using a symbol multiple times in a plan not add much to the overhead?

I am thinking that there is only one instance of a symbol and Chief somehow uses that one instance multiple times?

Or...maybe I am way off track?

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