Parabolic Roof Challenge (Solved)


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I called tech support and they said I could turn my terrain into a symbol, and then adjust the elevation.  That works!  I will post some pics after I finish the model.





I'm trying to create a parabolic roof for a contemporary house.  I can't figure out a way to do it with roof tools, but I can create a parabola using a terrain perimeter and then change the material to roofing.  However, I can't figure out a way to turn the terrain into some kind of object that I could put on top of the building.  It appears that you can only create one terrain perimeter per plan, so I can't use the one I created as a roof because I also need to have an actual terrain at the ground level.  I've attached a sample plan just of the parabola.  It is a square, with two adjacent edges at 100 elevation, and the opposite corner at 200, which creates the dish.  Can anyone think of a way to use the terrain perimeter as a roof, or is there any other way in CA to create a dished surface?  I need to create about 6 different roof shapes this way on the same plan.  (don't ask why :-) )


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