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HI Folks,


Im based in Europe and over here we use a lot of LED strip lighting for under counter kitchen lighting as well as for recessed ceiling lighting ( amongst other applications ). I have used this when I worked back in the States but I can't find anything like this in the library and I'm struggling trying to recreate this by using the existing tools. Does anyone have a work around for this? 


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Not really...


I was going to suggest using multiple light sources, but you're pretty much limited to 8, and you'd need probably 2-3 times that many in order to get it to look right.


I suppose you might be able to somewhat swing it with using 2 spot lights and set their cutoff angle to 170...and then use a p-line solid with an emissive material to fake the lightbar.


See attached...





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Chief only has three types of lights: spot, point, and parallel. Chief's default "fluorescent" fixtures are nothing more than a single point light - the fluorescence is simulated by an emmissive material that doesn't actually cast any light. Chief doesn't have a decent method for simulating strip lights. Many suggestions have been made to provide better lights and light control.



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