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  1. Hi folks. We are looking to expand our design studio. I'm considering buying a second X10 interiors license. Does anyone have one for sale? Like Comment Share
  2. Thanks again Mick, will dig into this now.
  3. Hi folks. I have a relatively new system ( see specs below ), about a week ago I noticed a very big drop in performance when generating scenes in PBR. The GPU used to fire up with fans humming and the performance was what I expected from a top of the line GPU, but now she lies silent and PBR views are painfully slow. I have performed all updates as required but unfortunately I'm no computer geek. I just need the thing to work. Any words of wisdom out there? W
  4. Sometimes it sucks to be dumb . I will just keep the doors closed in plan view. That would work for interior design purposes. Thanks Chopsaw !
  5. Hi all, I need my doors to be flush with the exterior wall and not recessed into it. Tried changing settings in the Door DBX but nothing worked. Can anyone help?
  6. Thanks Mick, after Jay identified the structure for me I found that exact link which helped me in the end
  7. Thanks for the response however when I change the ceiling height to 2700 it pushes up the external walls too and I need them to stay at 980mm. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Hello folks, Im a bit lost. I dont normally get these types of designs to work with so Im not even sure what to call this kind of structure to find some help videos. I have tried and failed so Im here now I need to build this second floor as in the attachment. This is not an attic but a fully functional floor with a cathedral ceiling ( not even sure if thats the correct term ). The problem Im having is that the walls on either sides are really low ( floor to top 980mm ) but the ceiling height is 2700mm. Can someone pls point me to some kind of help video where this is explained? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Has PBR improved with regards to glass reflections since this thread was started or am I doing something wrong here? There is nothing in the upper cabinets. Glass is the standard glass out of the library. Great reflections off the back splash though
  10. Awesome stuff Joe. Thanks a ton !
  11. Yeah, figured that. Thanks for the input though.
  12. Been a rough day at the computer Is there a way to join 2 niches in a corner? I end up with a separation but I don't want that. I want a seamless moss niche. Is it even possible with this tool?
  13. now I just wish I could join up those wall niches so there is no divisioni n the corner
  14. Thanks again. I changed the door style to slab and then painted it again. Works now !
  15. Thanks guys. Bathroom_reflection_issue.plan
  16. update: below is a screenshot of the bathroom. There is a mirror on the wall. it is reflecting. The cabinet on the right has the same material applied to it and yet is not reflecting. ??
  17. Hi folks, I hope help is at hand. I have just switched from iMac to PC ( see specs below ). It has been a nightmare to say the least since I'm not the most technologically capable person I know Now I have lost reflections in mirrors. Reflections are turned on in camera view but even in the library the mirror material is showing as a dull paint. Whats up with that? Chrome material is reflecting but not the mirror doors to the right of the towel warmer, they are just dull grey.
  18. It just got worse after the update. I have contacted support so will wait and see.
  19. Dang nabbit. Is it just me or is anyone else having this issue? Since last weeks update, 6 crashes in the space of 2 client presentations on a new MacBook pro. Since the update today 3 crashes in the space of half an hour on my iMac ( never had this issue before ). Basically making the software unusable at the moment.
  20. No worries Michael. Found an acceptable 'workaround' in the meantime. Simply reversing the object in elevation view will be enough for the carpenters. The symbol in question is the custom wooden door arch with glass panels below
  21. Aw bugger. Nope, didn't save the original plan. Lesson learnt. Need to move a molding slightly. Complete redo then?
  22. Hi folks. I created a symbol from scratch which took long enough. Then I realised it contained a small error that needs to be corrected. How do I 'unsymbol' or unblock this symbol to correct it? Simply opening the symbol is not enough.
  23. Hi Folks, Im required to create several custom door frames off a 2D drawing the clients sent. Its a wooden arched frame with glass panels inserted in the top and sides. I've been playing with P-solids trying to create this without much success. Searched for an online tutorial and not found anything that can assist me. Can someone point me to a resource that will explain how to do this?