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I am a new user. attached is a plan to explain my settings.Asher - WRS Lots.plan


I am having a problem with my Exterior Wall thickness. (at lease I think that is the problem)


I will try to explain my problem.


The overall length of left side (Outside of Plywood corners is where I want dimensions to pull from) is 54' 


So then I draw the interior garage wall, then click on wall, then dim to change it to 21'8". Then If I click on the remainder Dimension (31'4 1/2"), It shows the actual Dim of 31'4 13/25"



I want Exterior Dims to pull from outside if plywood, for overall dims.

Interior Dims to pull from 3.5" Framing.




I've notices on some dims, they are 1/50 off. Somewhere I am picking up a 1/50" thickness and I cant figure it out.



Can anyone help?


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The key to this is in the Wall Type definition.  There is a setting for "Dimension to Exterior of Layer" which is generally set to the Face of the Main (framing) layer.  To dimension to the face of the Sheathing you would need to change that Wall Type.


Personally, I would not do that since it will tend to make the Foundation a different dimension (although that can be set to "Foundation to Exterior of Layer".  But if the Foundation is at the face of the Sheathing then the studs will need to be inset to allow the sheathing to be flush.


Most builders want dimensions to the Exterior of the Framing Layer.  That's pretty much standard drafting practice.


IAE, it's all controlled in the Wall Type Definition.

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If you want to include the 1/2" sheathing to your exterior dimensions defaults, you need to go to your exterior wall type dbx and move the exterior sheathing down to include it with the framing layer for your main layer.


I suggest you change your measurement accuracy in defaults to 1/8".  I think 1/4" is a bit much.  Once you have your dimension defaults where you want them, I suggest you delete all your dimensions and then re-establish them by using auto exterior and auto interior dimensions. 


Some of your dimensions aren't exactly what you want.  You need to clean those up 1st by selecting the different walls and checking them (do this first before my other suggestions).

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