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I'm trying to add a porch to the gable end of a house. The porch is the full width of the house (28') and is about 6' deep. The roof extends over the porch. The porch has four posts on the long dimension topped by a beam that supports the gable end truss, and beams extend back to the house to support the other trusses.


I thought that I could do this as a deck room, but the program wants to put a full foundation under the deck, but the posts coninue from below the frost line up to the roof. How do I go about doing this?



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Nice drawing. You obviously have done this a lot more than I have. I'm trying to get the deck/porch to either have the posts continue from in the ground or on top of concrete piers up through the deck to the roof, or have the deck sit on the concrete piers and the posts on top of the deck. The problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to do either. In the attached camera views, there are the additional problems of having the posts actually site outside the deck and partly showing some framing through the siding. They should be in line with and tied into the 2x6 framing in the house wall. I could build this a lot easier than I can draw it. :-)


Thanks again for your help.



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I suppose that technically it's a deck. I usually think of a deck as having no roof and a porch as having a roof. I haven't drawn the roof planes yet since the porch/deck roof is an extension of the main house roof. As to the auto deck framing, I think that's not in the version that I have. I'm using version 10, which I only rarely use. I was asked to make some changes on a Habitat for Humanity floor plan which were primarily framing changes (the original only called for 2x4 framing on 24" centers) and some floor plan layout. Since it's volunteers building it, they want as much detail as possible in terms of how the pieces all fit together. I'm beginning to think I bit off more than I can chew as I usually only use the program for floor plans and not much more. In any case, I've attached the .plan file. I dunno if you can open it since it's from an older version.




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