Autocad 2011 3D Object To Chief V10


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Thanks to anyone that can help me with this. Yes, I know both my versions of software are very old. Just can't afford the upgrades at this time.


I am trying to take a 3D object I create in AutoCAD v2011 and bring it into Chief v10.08b. Again, yes, I know older versions. Hopefully someone had this issue some time ago and can help me figure it out. I can get as far as the select object in the "Symbol Wizard, it accepts the dwg version and all, but I don't get the "next" button highlighted. I heard of using the 3dsout command, but that is not available in 2011 and the updated "arx" only goes to 2009 I believe. I have tried saving in all the previous versions available in the saveas and dxf's.


Any help is apprecaited.


Thank you.



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you will need someone to volunteer to import the autocad 2011 file and then save it

to a version of autocad that Chief ver 10 can use - probably around 2004/5


you might be able to do a google search and find a free utility that can convert

an autocad file to an older version



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