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Can anyone help with my stair not showing up on ground level from basement . I made foundation as basement (existing). Stair existing only 9'6" ;long. Basement  level stair is not showing up thru floor  top level . 

This is small apartment. Bldg is exist basement and top level all open inside and I designed small apt.  8' clg in basement. This is going out of state and someone sent me measurements. for top floor and basement. 


Thanks for any help.


Newell Cheatheam 


ca x7


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A couple things...


1.   You can select that room you created above the stairs and make the room type "Open Below" and your stairs will show up.  If all you're producing is floor plans, that might be enough, HOWEVER...

2.   Bigger issue is that your stairs don't actually work as you've drawn them up.  Take a section view midway through your stairs and parallel with them and you'll see what I'm talking about.  They just need to be adjusted and then you don't need that manually created room on the main floor necessarily, the auto stairwell tool would do the trick. 

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Thanks for the help Alskan_Son. Yes I know about the stairs. Said existing and only 9'6" long. Something wrong with that. I went on and made it longer like it is surpose to be and sent to client in Tenn. Hall I was doing was floor plan design, power, electrical, and interior elevations. stair and hull of bldg existing. 

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The problem is that the 9'6" stairs would not reach the floor above.  By opening the stair dbx you can edit the treads & risers so that it will reach (not a legal stair but it would make the "stairwell" tool work).  Chief just needs the stair to reach the floor above in order to cut out a stairwell.

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