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I am looking into buying CA to design decks, outdoor kitchens, and covered patios.  I have been all over looking to see what kind of detail I can put into my designs.  I learned about the 3d warehouse and I am able to import from there and get a good understanding of it by using the trial version.  Specifically, I would like to see what it will take to create a railing style to match a deck and railing manufacture.  I have searched for different manufactures that we use and only been able to find some on the 3d warehouse site.  I am trying to figure out how to customize or make the railing with the pieces I found on the 3d warehouse site, but have not had any luck.  I am sure there is a way, but would like to see it done so it will ease the anxiety of the purchase.  Thanks!

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Thank you for your interest in Chief Architect and for the questions about deck railing styles.  You can import an object from the 3D Warehouse and add them as railing components in Chief Architect.  To do this, download the object to your computer and then in Chief Architect click on File>Import>3D Symbol.  Make sure that you select "Millwork" as the category and put a check for "Add Symbol to Library".  Once it is imported you can add them as Newels or Balusters to your railing.  This is a tech article about creating custom balusters and railing panels.


You may find that you do not need to import railing components from other sources.  We have a large resource of railing components available to download in bonus catalogs that are in addition to the styles that are pre-loaded in the trial version.  You can look at the millwork category in the Chief Architect 3D Library here.


You can contact our sales department directly if you have questions about this or would like to see a demonstration.  You can call 208-292-3400 (you can ask for Derek) or email


Kind regards,



Chief Architect Sales

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That works great for balusters, but for a top rail only it does not work.  I see there is an option to change from a default rail, but I am unable to figure out how.  Is this feature not available on the trial version?


Also, I see all kinds of items to download, but nothing specific.  Is there anyway I can get a peak at the railing option before I buy it?  My fear is that they will be indoor railings and look that way to my customers.  I need to make sure they can be matched to the products in my showroom, or can be made to be very simple with little effort.



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Chief also provides the ability to define your own "Molding Profiles" which can be used as "Rails".  The possibilities are basically unlimited.


You can also use "Panels" to fit between Newel Posts.  There are several predefined in the Library and you can define your own custom panels as well.


The trial version is by nature only a small subset of the possibilities that are available.

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