Post going thru porch roof - cannot get it removed


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Chief Architect x7, Cannot get post from going thru roof on 8' porch. Also the rear 14 ft porch gable up above is showing some of the baseline hanging down below ceiling.

can anyone help me with these issues? I have only been doing ca for around 6 months.



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That front left post? I noticed it too yesterday.


I'd start by deleting the 2nd floor and attic. That will fix several issues. 


Uncheck Balloon Through Ceiling Above (it's not needed) on the front and back walls, then rebuild the 2nd floor.


If you don't want to loose that front gable, copy its parts, then Paste>Paste Hold Position to put them back.


Delete railing on the ends of the porch, then using the Same Wall Type handle on the front railing, pull it around to the sides.


Anyone know how fix the post in the image? It should go to the "ceiling".


Post the plan for best ideas.





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