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i have been through all the instructions to import a DWG survey. 


survey has been patience resending me files with no frozen layer. 


I wonder if someone could tell me if there is something wrong with the survey info?  I look for 3d information on the cad file and it only has x and y.   




Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy Architect PC



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Here's the ChiefTalk thread:


Without having the actual .dwg file it's hard to say which layer has the elevation data on it.  The elevation points are blocks, and I believe at the UGM they mentioned that you can't have blocks with elevation data.


If I were to guess though, I would say the CG_Main_Contour layer could have some elevation data on it.


Try zipping the .dwg file and attaching it here.

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You didn't attach anything.


I did a video with D. Scott Hall, he tried posting it, but it didn't work.  Wonder if he could try might help you here.


That was  a real good video Jon-a-Thank,  maybe we could do it again.  I think the problem was i am back limited to a 10 minute video.  


At one time I think the guys over at YouTube thought I was an important person and allowed me to have longer videos,  but someone exposed me and that relegated me back to 10 minute videos.


Let me know if you are interested.

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Nothing wrong from what I could tell.  The survey on the right side seemed to have more contour lines (smoother) that would make the terrain seem more "life like".    Your surveyor had the right data embedded in the file to make the terrain come to life !


When you import the DWG into the plan just change the layers that are associated with the contours to "terrain data" when the layer option box pops up.


Glad I could help - Have a great weekend.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys,  I think I need some help here.  I have a dxf file that supposedly has a z value associated with the contour lines and spot elevations.  However,  when I import,  they do not have a z value.  would one of you guys....  JK or Mark mind doing a GOTOMEETING with me when you have a chance to go through this with me?  I have everything,  should take less than ten minutes and would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe after the GTM I will do a vid to share what I learned.  Thanks guys.


Just email me with a good time for you and I will try to make it work on my end.

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