SSA Late Fee. Is SSA Required?


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I've also wondered about the "late" fee added on if you miss the renewal, even by a day. It clearly is a penalty or fine or whatever you wish to call it. Given you renew, before the next version comes out, which we all know is early each year, not sure I get this. After that time, I can see a penalty box, but prior not sure I do.  


SSA is something that has only meant the new version, but have only really been happy with the change from X4-X5 as lately many wish list items have not been dealt with. That's just me.


So from the SSA renewal of $445 if you are late, add another $95 or $540. If new version comes out before you renew, add another $105 so now you are up to about $645 (normal price). That is based on the "upgrade" prices I see on the website.


That might be all well and good, even perhaps fair except for this: See attached or link here>


Where someone today, with X6 could "upgrade" to X7 for $516(it's on sale yeah!!!). See the math here? By skipping X7, late fees on X6 and X7, as they clearly did not keep up their SSA on X6 or X7, they will get X7 and soon X8 with a year of SSA for less than someone who was a day late on X7 SSA renewal. 


That's the part I guess I don't understand. Is the morale of the story that it is far cheaper to skip a version and wait for the inevitable sale deal? That's how I read it...... If you are late, just reinstall X6 and get the sale price to save $24??


Peter Grant, did I miss something in your post, just previous to this?


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I spoke to the Chiefers yesterday and there is indeed a 30 day grace period if you miss your expiration. I also had an old email on file for my reminders so should work much better in the future.


Still, I agree with Graham, from a marketing perspective the concept of penalties is ill-advised. We have enough of these in society and don't need need this terminology when purchasing products. I think it would make sense to be able to renew your SSA from the date you left off up until the point of a new release, after which it would be a question of upgrading instead with a new SSA.

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