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Posted Today, 11:30 AM

I work with a black background and on fairly large industrial & commercial projects of 50K to 150K square feet. It's not unusual to have a 100 or so layers..

Frequently I have to do furniture, equipment and machinery layouts for medical manufacturing firms as an example. This is typically after the structural, architectural and EMP drawings are finished.

The on- screen drawing becomes a mix of filled and unfilled symbols, blocks etc. I prefer uniformity, along with not having to constantly bring objects that might be sitting on a desk (keyboard, monitor, phone etc.) to the forefront. This step would not be necessary if the objects were not filled.

If they are globally filled - why, or how, can they be globally un-filled.

I don't recall it being this way back in versions 3 thru 10 - before the X versions came out.

Currently using X7


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I can't help with the fill.

For desktop, countertop items etc -I keep those on dedicated layers (accessory counter,...) so I can control them with layer sets.

Since the library doesn't remember the layer I keep those things in a "warehouse" plan and copy paste from there.

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Not something I find the need to do myself, but I tried for you...


I can't seem to figure out a way to globally un-fill everything either.  Seems to me like something you may not like once you have it either.  I can imagine your plans would become pretty messy?  


Seems like something that should be doable though.  The capability seems to be there because you can essentially get what you're looking for using reference display settings but its really only visual and not usable.  I might note that its also quite messy. 

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If you were only talking about fills used to distinguish different flooring types, e.g., then you could "globally" turn those off by unchecking the Room layer. I don't know of a way to globally turn off fills for multiple different object types in CA.

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