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faux or "decorative" dormer

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Hello all, 


Trying to manually build a floating, faux, decorative, what ever you may call it, DORMER on top of a trussed roof system. I want the gable wall of the dormer to extend up from the wall below and have the baselines and facias the same height.  Having some trouble with trimming the trusses below the floating dormer, where the existing roof line will break to accept the roofline of the floating dormer. Attached is a picture of what I am shooting for.  


Ive searched and searched for tutorials, however, have come up dry


If anyone knows of a good video tutorial or how to achieve this... lemme know!





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Sweeney, have you tried adding the small roof sections manually and adjusting until it looks right? Those would probably be framed as a frame-over on site over the trusses. Add an attic wall for the gable if necessary. You might have to detail this manually in the details section. Without posting the plan it is hard to tell.



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Select the window, and with AUTO ROOFS on, simply click the tool to add the gable over the door. With out AUTO ROOFS on, you will have to manually draw those roof planes and place them.


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Thanks for the feed back



yes Mike, that's where I am at now, after trying to adjust the smaller manual roofs to be aligned, soffits didn't match up with each other, and the trusses would still poke thru.



Joey, I just tried what you recommended, however, when I turn on auto roofs it deletes and re builds the other manual roofs I've built... which is all of them haha



if you guys have time, I have attached the plan... feel free to have a look


don't mind the misplaced foundation - it's still in the works!



Scully September 2, 2015.plan

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I think this is what you're looking for.


I used a truss base to isolate the dormer framing from the trusses, then took the dormer roof planes into another plan, framed them, and copied back to the working plan



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Awesome Bill, looks good and thanks for your time!


any recommendations on getting the facia a soffit to align? maybe polyline solids?



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