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Guys and Gals,


I'm having some difficulty with the attached plan and would very much appreciate your thoughts, feedback and assistance to address the following:


  • Roof planes not aligning properly
  • - 1/12 hip roof on 2nd floor surrounding a 6/12 Full Gable 
  • Created a 3rd floor so I could add a fuax door and balcony on the large gable wall on one side and a HVAC nook on the other. I have the HVAC nook in place but not without pull and dragging walls around in 3D (not the proper way to do this I know). But not sure if this is the correct approach to take for this task.
  • I have a lot of Steel (RED IRON) super structure underneath the walls that I think is slowing down my system with this plan. Not sure how else to manage this process and would like your advise.


Thanks again for your professional support.


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I think the reason the model is slow is because of your balusters at the railing.  Temporarily change them to simple squares instead of the spiral style.

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Thanks for pointing out my oversight on the "baselines" and of the course the video explaining it all. You did a great job in short order interpreting my design objective for the roof. I've done as good a job as I know to do to correct the model.


DSH - Your tip on the wrought iron balusters did the trick. Thank you!


Design points: (Revised Model attached)


  • David, the gap in the front hip needed to be moved in as terminates at the wall and does not cover deck.
  • I raised the Baseline of the 1:12 hip to 335 and lowered the 6:12 Fascia top to 332 so the tile will blend into the ridge of the hip. (Hope that made sense)
  • I used 1/2" x 21" Slabs to make up the Stucco Fascia around the 2nd floor beneath the roof overhang. Much of which will be Steel I-beams and or box beam. Engineering is currently reviewing the layout. (See attached photo)
  • I've installed a door in the East Gable wall but need some help to place a shallow balcony. It's all a façade but I need to show it. You will see (Annoset - A4 FLOOR PLAN 3RD) where I attempted to place a Balcony ROOM and a Deck ROOM and now all I have are ATTIC walls that won't go away. (See attached RAYTRACE- notice the black garbage in the RT. No idea what that is)
  • Once I get past Engineering I can complete the rest of the project.

34000 SQ FT




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