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Hi.  I have been trying to add a porch with a roof to my house plan.  The roofs on the house and garage are gable roofs with different pitches to make room for an egress window.  The upstairs is going to have trusses that will allow the addition of two bedrooms and a bath. There will be no dormers. The problem that I'm having is trying to get a roof on the porch without extending the trusses over the porch. I could figure how to do that, but it isn't what I'm wanting. I like the way the porch is in the link that I've included, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to duplicate it. As you can see by the file I've attached I managed a roof over the porch that is floating and not attached to anything which shows I've gone from bad to worse.  I'm using Chief Architect Software Professional Home Designer 2016. Once I get the porch roof figured out I will be able to work on raising the terrain around the garage in order to keep the basement raised for a daylight basement, but that's another issue. Thank you in advance for any advice.

New House with roof over porch 1.plan

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Pro does have many of the Premier Roof tools Larry , so he has  Manual Roof Planes and the Join Tool if he needs them as you showed but this works per the KB referenced on Auto.   I Just deleted the manual roof plane and set the  Roof with a 3" pitch and 10" in the Upper box  ( in from baseline is 50" not 75" like in example) in the front Railing wall's DBX . I set post to beam too but you may want post to ceiling on the rail too.


You had used interior railing walls for your Deck instead of Deck Railing Walls , so I changed that , and set floor to 24" deep in the pic below for the Deck Room.


If you set you garage finished ceiling height to default (9')  you will gain a bit of room for your egress window too.


One thing you are probably not aware of is that HD/CA software won't allow "Rooms" it what it considers it's Attic space (A Level) so to put your bedroom and bathroom in the Roof space you have to add a 2nd floor , over the house only (blank option) and set the finished ceiling to 0"  (zero) , you can then draw walls and designate them knee walls as needed. See the plan below.




You should be able to open this , not sure what you can edit in Pro though.

New House with roof over porch 1_R1.plan



P.S.  the Home Talk website is over here

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Thank you Kbird1 and HumbleChief . You went above and beyond to help me figure it out and by you doing so I was finally able to get the porch and roof exactly the way I need it to be. Thanks again.  :D

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Happy to help when I can, and thanks for the thank you and posting back with the result.

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