Problem with arch windows matching arched roof


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I’m having some problems with arch window transoms and trying to match the window head to the arch roof. Tried the match roof in the window dbx, this seems to have no effect. The left hand side window is missing until I get the right side correct. Another problem I’m having is getting the arch door opening jamb and header finish to match the bead board. Attached is the plan, a rendering I’ve started where you can see the problems and also an pdf of the window design they want. Any help would be appreciated in solving these problems.


Drawing sarted in X5 and converted to X6

Proposal 9


W Addition photo (6).pdf

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Thanks so much Scott, it is very much appreciated. I spent a couple of hours this weekend trying to figure out how to do it without the having control of the radius before I lost my patience trying to figure it out.

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