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  1. I'm trying to get rid of the lighting hot spots on the ceiling. I've changed the 2 x 4 lighting from standard library 2 x 4 light lighting white material to emissive and shut the lights off for ray-trace. The light showing in the ray-trace are added lights with spot light setting @ 25w. I've tried parallels, point and spot lights all with the same result. The ceiling is a GWB, painted with with a poly-line solid t-grid. I'm trying to just evenly light the store without lighting hot spots. Thank you for any advise you can provide. Version 8x
  2. Tommy, 0 0 ended up 140' away from the plan. The send to layout command was working fine until about 2 weeks ago, this is the same plan and layout that was working before. I was trying to add a 1/4 scale plan to a 1/8" layout presentation that was already set up when the problem happened again. I change to sheet size from 11 x 17 to 30 x 42 and still no 1/4" plan that I can find.
  3. Lew, that's why I'm asking here. Most of my work lately is commercial using AutoCad so renewing the subscription is low on my priority list.
  4. The send to layout command has stopped working or is sending the plan so far into outer layout space I can't find it even when I zoom extents. I've never run into a problem like this in over 10 years of using Chief. Besides re-loading the program, and ideals on how to fix this problem? Thanks. Currently using X8
  5. How do you change the size of a backdrop. I imported a few pictures I took and want to set the backdrop to relate to the actual backyard of the house I'm working on but the trees/pictures are way to big. I tried reducing the size of the photo's in MS paint and no change except to clarity (blurry). Help! there is nothing I can find in chief help on how to do this. Thanks
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    Both my surveyors use earlier versions of AutoCad than I use and neither one of them can open my files. If you know how to do it Lou please let me know, I get tired of converting the files all the time.
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    If your client has AutoCad have them save the drawing as R14 (.dwg file type) or R12 (.dwx file type) and you should be able to import the file. After your client saves it as a older version tell them not to open it or it will convert back to their version again which it sounds like is newer than your version of Chief. Chief and Autocad do not seem to be backward compatible, meaning you can not open a newer version of the software than the version you have.
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    3D Numbers

    Thank you for the info. Downloaded the Chief numbers/letters (don't know how I missed it when I looked). Informed the client that I obtained the numbers and first comment was great, now make them back lit. Thanks for the numbers Jon, have not had time to see which works best yet and I do not use photoshop or paint pro to try that method.
  9. I have a commercial project I'm doing and I need to put the street numbers (690 in dark bronze finish) on the building for the front rendering. I've tried sketch up warehouse but can not find individual numbers in 3d and also tried converting a word document to a jpeg and importing it as a material. Any ideals on where to find the numbers or how to create them. Thanks
  10. I've got a old Yale dorm building that are being transformed into a prison transition dorm. The angled wall connections are giving me fits. The attached plan shows the problem area along with a quick cad detail of what I'm trying to acheive. I not that concerned if the furring connects at a angle at the brick wall but I do need to get the brick connected properly for renderings. Help Running Cheif X7 Yale prison transition bldg.plan
  11. DITTO! It is in my locker but it says it is the beta version. Should I wait?
  12. Think I'll just export the drawing to ACAD, seems to be the easiest thing to do. Thanks for all the suggestions/ideals
  13. I recently had to do a bunch of SQ. FT. calculations for a client who wanted usable, gross, apartment unit, etc. I wanted to use different colors to represent each calculation area and got tired of changing them all from black to the color I wanted to use. For the life of me I could not figure out how to get the line or poly rectangle to draw on a different layer or color from the start. Am I being stupid (ya really don't need to answer that one ) or is there a way to do this? Thanx
  14. I try to avoid the material painter but after changing wall colors a few times I get lazy and just use the painter, I used the wall specification dialog box and individually changed each wall color and I got my glass back. Now the question is how to tell whether to use the interior or exterior wall if your in a room with no exterior walls. Thanks for the help!
  15. Thanks for the attach pic help, forgot to hit attach file before I posted it.
  16. Here's the picture, maybe it will post this time
  17. I know the answer to this question but damm if I can remember how to get a glass shower wall to be clear and not the wall color. Yes I used the railing tool and change the wall type to glass but it still comes out with the wall color instead of tempered glass. The old memory is just not working that well anymore. Thanks for the help
  18. Thanks again for your help Scott, here is the finished rendering
  19. Thanks so much Scott, it is very much appreciated. I spent a couple of hours this weekend trying to figure out how to do it without the having control of the radius before I lost my patience trying to figure it out.
  20. If this arch window can not be done please let me know. Thanks
  21. I’m having some problems with arch window transoms and trying to match the window head to the arch roof. Tried the match roof in the window dbx, this seems to have no effect. The left hand side window is missing until I get the right side correct. Another problem I’m having is getting the arch door opening jamb and header finish to match the bead board. Attached is the plan, a rendering I’ve started where you can see the problems and also an pdf of the window design they want. Any help would be appreciated in solving these problems. Drawing sarted in X5 and converted to X6 Proposal 9 X6.zip W Addition photo (6).pdf