Brickwork Tile Pattern

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I had a client ask me to show them the tile they chose in a brickwork pattern. They chose DalTile> Stafford Place> Truffle Field SD93. I don't know how to make that into a "Brickwork" pattern. Can anyone help me out? Attached is the look they are wanting. 


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I'm no expert either but one way is to make a copy of the Dal Tile Library item to your User Library , Rename it with XXX_Brick Pattern or ?  then right click and open it ,


 on the Pattern Tab set the Pattern Source to BRICK    which will work for the Vector Views


For Standard views you actually need a  pic of the Tile in Brick Pattern AFAIK, so I had a quick ( very rough) play in MS Paint so you can see what to do or use this if it good enough.   (save it to your textures folder.)  You can't change the grout line in CA ,so it is actually a background I put down 1st in Paint, then added the 16 Tiles images over it with a small gap and then cropped it.




on the Texture Tab in the same DBX above , you need to set the Scale to 72" and 72"  (4Tiles x 4Tiles) for my Texture above. 


and in the Source texture box...... browse to the saved pic above ( or one you've made) and hit ok .


Hit ok to close DBX , and apply to floor.


and you should hopefully see this



or easier since I already have it now :)  ,download the calibz and install normally , though with some patience I'm sure you could make a better texture


**edit I made the pic above smaller and cleaned up the grout lines a bit so this one might look a bit better.

Dal Truffle SD93 Brick Pattern 2.calibz


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Or depending on just how close you need the tile

to match you could take an existing flooring sample

from the Library Browser and adjust the Pattern and

Texture using the Adjust Material Definition tool. 



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