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Site Area Analysis

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That's pretty impressive Joe. Nice work.

Thanks Larry,


Since it's all part of my Default Plan - I really don't have to do much other than assign Room Numbers as a Part of the Room Label and copy the "Site Label" for the various "Site Objects".  I don't do much remodel work so I will not normally need the "demo", "remodel" & "new" areas.  However, I do have the macros available to display those items when needed.


Note that the "Room Data Display" is done with just a single macro.  That macro retrieves all of the areas - room by room - and formats it into the table.  Ruby is capable of doing a lot once you know how to use it.  However, CA needs to open up access to a lot more attributes along with Labels for Polyline based objects.


If CA would provide the ability to modify attributes from within Ruby there would be a lot more that could be done - like automatic Room Numbers, etc.

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