Room Labels In Elevation - Tip


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Chief doesn't provide Room Labels for Section/Elevation Views. But here's a pretty neat way to get them:

1. Set up the Defaults for Room Finish Schedules to include Room Name and any other data you want. You will also want to suppress the Column Headings and the Title - and set the Default Display attributes such as text style, etc.
2. Select a Room in a Section View and click on the Icon for "Create Schedule For Room"
3. Place the Schedule in the Room.
4. This will result in a single line. If you only have the Room Name then that's probably all you need to do and it will remain "live".
5. Otherwise, Convert the Schedule to Text and then to Rich Text.
6. Now you can edit the Rich Text - adding and subtracting information as well as formatting it.


Note:  As Text or Rich Text the data is no longer live so if you make changes to the model you would need to redo the above.

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