Borders Not Printing


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I have had this problem forever and I am sure someone out there has a simple fix.

I cannot seem to get the top and bottom lines on the layout to print out.

Everything else is fine so I have not given it much thought.

I have adjusted my plotter to shorten up the top and bottom margins, but same results.

I am now using X6 and of course the problem is still there.


It is my issue I  know but spare me and enlighten me if you will.

I have actually gone to the ARCH D layout template but do not want to mess it up.




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If you select the printer you are ultimately going to print to in your sheet setup you should see blue lines indicating the printable area. Some large format printers have margins in excess of 1/2", especially some of the older printers. Set up your margins so that they are inside the blue lines.

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