Controlling "Camera View Arrows" from one floor to the next


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I have an instance on my first floor where I have my "cross section camera arrows" close to my floor plan. When I go to my second floor I must pull my dimensions out farther away from the plan and thus my "camera arrows" also need to be pulled out farther away from the actual floor plan. Now back on my first floor the "camera arrows" are way out away from the rest of the plan. With it like this, when I send to layout my first floor "camera arrow" locations are taking up valuable space that I could fill with something else. It would be nice if we were able to adjust the cameras in or out from the plan on each level to eliminate this problem. I believe in previous versions we were only able to click on a camera on the floor plan that is was made on. I'm not talking about moving the arrows so that the cross section changes, but "in and out" as referenced to the cross section cut. I know I could turn off my cameras and just place callouts manually, but these would not be able to automatically update. (CA is starting to spoil me) Is there any other way to accomplish this? If not, is it worth making a "Suggestion"?

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I like your idea Larry.


From my perspective, I am considering actually sending a separate plan view to Layout that has just the basics and then all of the Call Outs on hopefully one sheet per floor.


A few reasons for this.  Space for one, like you mentioned could be dealt with more easily if things were not so cluttered.  What I am working on is having a section view for each individual shearwall on the plan.  Still working out the details, but the idea is to have the Call Outs and 2D engineering CAD blocks and a few items of dimensions and text related to the engineering on the plan, and the section views will display the framing and the 3D connections in place.  I would also like to place a custom marker to indicate that there is also a 3D overview of the connection detail and where it is being viewed from.


Another reason I am considering a separate plan view for this is that the automated Call Out text does not provide for a circular reference as to where the Call Out is located when you are viewing the Section Detail.  By creating a camera name with the return location included it will show on both the plan view and the Section Detail label. I like this capabilty of Chief X6 very much, but it is, you guessed it, even more clutter.  If all of the Call Outs were consistently placed on the same page, then there would be no need to edit the camera labels after the Layout Page order is set.


It remains to be seen whether it is going to be practical or not to keep a couple of pages or so in a fixed page location.  I think it is worth a try though because it could save a lot of time and potential miss labeling.


Anyway, I do like your idea.  But,  I can also see some good reasons to maybe try a few alternatives as well.  We seem to be heading in the direction of more clutter rather than less from what I can see comming down the pike.

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