adding dormer over door


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In plan view or a 3d camera view, right click near the valley of one of your new (smaller) roof planes, then hit the 2 key on your keyboard (shortcut of join roof planes), then move your mouse cursor across the valley over the larger roof plane (it should turn a greyed color to show it is also selected) and then click your left mouse button to "join" the roof planes at the valley.  If your roof planes weren't correctly joined at the valley, this will hopefully fix that condition and similarly fix your fascia so that it properly joins as well.


If that doesn't work, then you need to verify that the fascia height for your small gable roof plane matches the fascia height of the larger main roof planes.  First, select the larger roof plane and open the roof dbx (dialog box) and see what the setting is for the fascia top.  While you are there, highlight the fascia top setting and hit Ctrl C (copy) to save it on the clipboard.  Next, select one of the small gable roof planes and verify what the fascia top setting is for it.  If they are the same, you should have your fascias properly joined.  The the fascia top value is different, put a bullet in the roof pitch (if it is what you want) to lock it - then select the fascia top reading and hit Ctrl V (paste) to make the fascia height the same as the larger roof planes.


If that doesn't fix it, try hitting F12 to rebuild walls, floors and ceilings.  Maybe there's something going on that is causing your problems that will be fixed by a rebuild.  If none of this works, either save your plan > then in Explorer migrate to your plan file > Send > send as a compressed folder (reduce its size for posting here) > then post your plan.  Or, if you like, you can call me at (208) 935-1521 and maybe I can talk you through some of this if you are having trouble understanding what I am describing.

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That was simple enough.  I never would have suspected that the gable roof planes weren't properly aligned with the other roof plane edge.  Pretty hard to tell with the camera views.  A plan view probably would have shown the problem.




Another trick to use when trouble shooting is to take a backclipped section through your problem area.  Sometimes this is an easy way to spot alignment problems such as you incurred.


Good luck with your project and welcome to ChiefTalk.

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